Design Peak
Every design tell a story
Design Peak was established in 2006 and remains as one of the very few Danish homepage in english language.
This is due to ou international focus, collaborations and aspirations.
We started as a user-centred, product developing and distribution outfit, which has been evolving into a diversity of design and production  cum consultancy entity, with increasing empathy for people, especially the end user of products and services.

Design Peak is a growing design outfit with commitment to User-focused design, spiced with out-of-the-box toning. Our website is probably the only english-language based website ending in .dk, and we are not ashamed of this because we are a small outfit with broad international projects, partners and networks. Our latest project is centred on how to create and produce energy-efficient, affordable and environmentally safe LED light bulbs for solving a 30-year-old electricity supply problem in Nigeria and thereafter other developing nations of the world. Already, we can see light at the end of the tunnel, because 90% of Nigerian masses spoken to accept and believe in the concept, while our LED bulbs already is making its way to the top of the Danish LED lightings market.

Our newest vision is to aid all and sundry to achieve business and innovaion via design of products and services. We believe that the best and most legitimate means for creating wealth is through business, so we encourage entrepreneuship and had participated in several start-up, networks and competitions in Denmark and internationally.

We will continue to collaborate with all interested parties and individuals to start a new business in Denmark or any other part of the world. We are prepared to volunteer our services on a Pro bono basis where it will help to alleviate poverty and create wealth instead.

There are many simple and low capital means of becoming self employed or working from home if one is determined to get up and try something new. The same formula works anywhere on this planet: a job is to enable you pay your bills, business is for making you wealthy. Take for example, writing and selling your writeup online.You don't even need to own a computer to start, because you can borrow one at the library in most developed countries, or at an affordable rate in a "Cybercafé" in developing countries like Nigeria.
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